The Extinction Rebellion

I might’ve named it the Existence Rebellion.


Not to endorse any personalities associated with this that I don’t yet know enough about, let alone know, I’m glad they’re here. Or there — in London.

And here, in Washington, D.C. However I had to search intentionally to find out. If there was a blurb in the Washington Post, I missed it. (This is easy to do, I am not a subscriber, so I delve in with purpose within the paywall limitations. I believe in paying for media, but between the Washington Post’s generally weak local coverage, and most disagreeable editorial board, and quite frankly still invasive and annoyingly presented ads, I am not inclined to paying for the Post for that experience and on top of what else I subscribe to.)

I did find Democracy Now noted actions under the banner of the “The Extinction Rebellion” in both Washington and New York City.

Royal we here: We support the spirit of this.

P.S. — still mucking with the static site generator. Will be going back through these “first” couple posts to exercise some refreshed markdown muscle and mark ‘em up better.