Devices of trade and war.

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It seems like I get around to blogging maybe once a year now.

Baltimore and Freddie Gray

Who am I to say anything about Baltimore and Freddie Gray?


It is hard to disagree with the sentiment that all people should be held accountable for their actions, and public figures and public servants ever the more publicly

While I can’t condone thuggery or mob rule, it is hard to condemn when it is understandble in aggregate One cannot be surprised at what comes of the structures we’ve shaped and the forces that vent from their boilers and ductwork from time to time.

All the more reason to rehabilitate or dismantled those structures, to question who they are built for, and who benefits from them when they are “working,” even if there are individuals to hold to account on the different sides of the reactions of a given explosion.

I do hope my friends and family are safe up there (and I think they are, there are clear class and race lines on the physical map of today’s clashes and looting, and my loved ones in Baltimore are surely privileged folk.)


I wish I could declare universal “bankruptcy” and start over.

I need a jubilee, of sorts kamagra online.

a period of remission from the penal consequences of sin, granted by the Roman Catholic Church under certain conditions for a year, usually at intervals of twenty-five years.

— via Google.

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