I have never been a real fan of organized team sports and so I have not been able to really understand others’ fandom. I’ve got my own baggage combined with what I think is a healthy skepticism of the hero-worship and commercialism. I have slowly come around to attending the occasional baseball game or adopting the pretense of giving a damn about one team or the other, based on what I’ve lovingly called “petty parochialism,” at least for an evening while attending someone else’s viewing party http://espanafarmacia.net/clomid/.

I have come to appreciate those who have wholly bought-in and invest in their fandom — of their alma matter, their hometown, a particular player, whatever it is — and who, at the same time, truly reject the cult of personality the idea of wholesale loyalty to a party when it comes to politics, while remaining engaged and informed.

There’s something more to be said about making that distinction, but I don’t have that distilled for myself at the moment.