Entirely torn re: air strikes in Iraq.

Too little, too late? Entirely wrong-headed?

A poorly dosed half-measure to cover a president’s ass?

A totally horrible tactic in response to a totally horrible situation we compounded by our other involvement in the Middle East, and general role? One likely to result in more civilian deaths, recruitment fodder for the other sides’ extremists, and more blowback? (Probably.) A potentially effective near term retort to a militarized force doing horrible things to people already in a mess we helped create? Would anything else work? A failure of the imagination? A disingenuous effort, barely aligned with its stated motivations and objectives?

Does anything matter if it isn’t in a grander of context of a genuine realignment of the distribution and expression of power?

Scope creep.

Armchair punditry.

Punditry itself, being a form of armchair leadership and citizenship.

It’s a major difference, but that doesn’t mean its OK

Chris Hedges interviews Noam Chomsky: Video from The Real News.

…and the corresponding article in Truthdig.

“The only difference between working for a wage and slavery is working for a wage is temporary.”

The video is a three-part recap of many observations and critiques the choir is familiar with, tying together notable marginalized notes from history recent and further past. Kids, read up.

After a decade of the “War on Terror”

Benghazi case a big test for D.C. lawyers who lack experience prosecuting terror suspects

Based on recent history, one might also wonder how “due” the process is while Ahmed Abu Khattala is on that U.S. Navy ship. One doesn’t have to like the guy, or what he allegedly did, not one bit, to see how this could still just be a big fat clusterfuck of stupid instead, of, say, justice. (Also: can anyone say “conflict of interest?” One might also wish the Hague wasn’t some sort of judicial third rail.)

If you don’t use it, you lose it: Due process.

Let’s pretend this happened all by itself

U.N.: Number Of Displaced People Hits Mark Not Seen Since World War II.

Fingers poking through the quicksand

It seems that the original (circa 1999, 2000) linklog form of Machination.org might be rising from the ashes of exhaustion, apathy, distraction, etc.

We’ve begun to make use of WordPress’s new default “format” options, but not yet tweaking the design to make the most of them.

More crack analysis from FAIR

Debunking the latest incarnation of our decades-long destabilization of Iraq, and highlighting the subtle policy violence against public free education

“Bill Watterson rides again!”

Calvin & Hobbes creator sneaks in a few panels on Pearls Before Swine.

Not really sure what the point is in me linking to Kottke. Kottke (and the Washington Post) have already disseminated this. Just trying to keep the wheels greased, I guess.


That’s all I want everyone to have, so I that don’t have to care. So I can stop having a bleeding heart. Until then: So it goes.

Somehow Bertrand Russell and Edward Snowden are on the same page.

It’s for you

Observed walking through the Eastern Market neighborhood this weekend:

A small boy and his mother bounding out of a house in the direction of the market, a couple of blocks away. The boy was no older than 6 or 7, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts and a flowing red cape with the emblem of the Flash on the back. His mother trailed by a dozen steps or so.

In the street, an old man pushing a dolly with a piano, a bucket, other various musical instruments, also seemingly headed to the market.

This sight of this eclectic payload in locomotion seemed to mesmerize the boy.  He froze in his tracks.

“Mom, why is he doing that?” Continue reading

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